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    Erotic Postcards

    2 EUR


    A set af two erotic postcards with my personal characters Oro and Argento of my comic "Nilihuè"
    High quality print Postcard
    10x15 cm
    300gr, mate paper
    The print will be ship with transparent envelope for protection.

    (If you had bought my comic "Nilihuè" in preorder and do you want also this item, let me know : contact me on this  email address : nilihue@gmail.com. I can include this item in a unique delivery pack.
    Se avete acquistato il mio fumetto "Nilihuè" in preordine e volete anche questo prodotto, contattatemi : nilihuè@gmail.com. Posso includere questo prodotto con il fumetto in un unica spedizione.)